Gifted and Talented Memo 5: Gifted and Talented Services


To: Parents and Guardians

From: Michelle Miller, Gifted and Talented Specialist, Denver Public Schools

Elementary and Middle School Building Level Gifted Programs

Every building in the district is responsible for meeting the needs of its gifted and talented students. These students typically represent approximately the top 5-10% of students in the building. Each elementary and middle school develops its own plan for meeting the needs of these students.

GT services may include:

· Clustering of students for instruction: grouping GT students with their intellectual peers for instructional purposes is a best practice in GT education and has been shown to increase student achievement and foster social/emotional development

· A GT specialist co-teaching with the classroom teacher: the GT specialist would work to co-plan and model lessons that focus on best practices of GT instruction

· Pull-out programs: programs may include enrichment activities in math, science social studies, and/or language arts, Jr. Great Books, William and Mary units, preparation for special programs, etc.

· Acceleration: depending on student need a child may be accelerated within a content area or across a grade level

· Curriculum compacting: students are pretested to determine previously mastered concepts so that the curriculum can be compacted to omit such mastered concepts and make time for enrichment opportunities

· The services of a GT resource specialist to assist the classroom teacher: the GT specialist will provide resources, training, and lesson development to assist the classroom teacher in meeting the needs of GT students

· Opportunities for enrichment across the curriculum: may include extensions of curricular concepts and/or individual passion areas

· GT department sponsored special programs such as: Shakespeare Festival, Destination Imagination, The Young Author’s Conference, Spelling/Semantics Bee, Brain Bowl, Mathletics, National History Day, etc.

· Independent study: students work independently to research and explore a topic

· Technology supported learning: students use computers, Internet, digital media, etc. to explore concepts and enhance learning experiences