Gifted and Talented Memo 4: Highly Gifted and Talented Application, Testing Process, and Services


To: Parents and Guardians

From: Michelle Miller, Gifted and Talented Specialist, Denver Public Schools

Purpose of the Highly Gifted and Talented Program

The Denver Public Schools Highly Gifted Program provides an educational option for identified students whose exceptional intellectual ability and academic potential, with related social/emotional needs, exceed those addressed in a regular classroom. It provides a full-day school experience and is designed for students who have academic needs beyond their grade level and who need the support and challenge provided by a peer group with similar interests and abilities.

Application for the Highly Gifted and Talented Program

· Screening for the HGT program is conducted only by parent request.
· An HGT testing application must be completed by the parent and submitted to the GT office by the appropriate due date.
· A paper notice regarding the HGT application is sent home with all students in the district each fall approximately four weeks prior to the application due date.
· The HGT testing application can be found on the GT website at

Testing Process for the Highly Gifted and Talented Program

· Denver Public Schools administers the verbal and quantitative sections of the CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) along with the Raven’s Progressive Matrices to all students who apply for HGT testing.
· A student will only be tested for the HGT program if an HGT application is completed and returned to the GT department by the application due date.
· The testing is conducted by the gifted and talented specialist at the child’s home school and/or by designated proctors from the GT department.

The GT department reviews the test results along with the parent applications and teacher recommendations to determine student eligibility for the HGT program.

HGT identification is determined by the GT office. This is different from the GT screening and identification process, which is conducted and determined by the building GT specialist

In special circumstances an IQ test or other type of aptitude test may be accepted as part of a body of evidence for HGT identification. Such circumstances are not typical and would therefore need to be carefully reviewed by the GT department.

Services for Highly Gifted and Talented Students**

Students who are identified as Highly Gifted and Talented may attend an HGT magnet program in their area. Below is a list of the magnet programs:
Carson Elementary (Central Southeast)
Cory Elementary (Southeast)
Polaris at Ebert (Northeast)
Teller Elementary (Northeast)
Edison Elementary (Northwest)
Gust Elementary (Southwest)
Lena Archuleta Elementary (Far Northeast)
Southmoor Elementary (Southeast)
Morey Middle School (Entire district)

· The HGT magnet programs provide educational opportunities that stretch beyond grade level proficiencies and are specifically designed to challenge the top one percent of the student population. The HGT magnet programs create a peer group for students who have exceptional academic abilities and therefore provide social and emotional support and academic challenge that can only occur in such groupings.

· The GT department provides training to all HGT teachers regarding the academic and social and emotional needs of highly gifted and talented students.

· All HGT students receive an Advanced Learning Plan each year that focuses on academic strength areas and social and emotional needs.