Gifted and Talented Memo 1: Raven’s Test Results Letter


Dear Parents and Guardians,

This is the first in a series of memos that will address items related to gifted and talented testing, identification, and services. Below is a list of the different topics that will be attended to in forthcoming memos:

Memo 1: Raven’s Results Letter
Memo 2: Gifted and Talented Identification
Memo 3: Parent Inventories
Memo 4: Highly Gifted and Talented Application, Testing Process, and Services
Memo 5: Gifted and Talented Services
Memo 6: Advanced Learning Plans

Raven’s Test Results Letter

· The Raven’s Test is a non-verbal assessment of visual-spatial reasoning ability. It assesses a child’s ability to solve visual problems by determining patterns in visual images.
· This assessment is given to all Denver Public Schools students in grades two and four and any new students to the district in grades three and five.
· If the student scores within the 90th percentile or above, his/her assessment can be used as part of a body of evidence that is collected to identify a student as gifted and talented
· Results from this test do not automatically qualify a student as gifted and talented. Other data must be collected in order for a GT identification to be made.

Please refer to the generic Raven’s Test Results Letter on the back of this memo

· If your student scores within the 90th percentile or above on the Raven’s test you will receive a letter stating the actual percentile in which he/she scored.
· This letter does not imply that your student is identified as gifted and talented.
· Your student will not receive an Advanced Learning Plan based on the results of the Raven’s test unless he/she is identified as gifted and talented.
· Teachers will use strategies to meet the non-verbal/visual-spatial needs of your student in the classroom. Such strategies may include: use of visual aids and pictures, diagrams, maps, graphic organizers, technology, hands-on activities, movement, experiments, and games and puzzles.
· The GT representative will collect bodies of evidence on students, which may contain Raven’s results as part of the GT identification screening process.
· If your child is identified as GT you will be notified via a separate GT identification letter.